Energems Spotlight: Marielle|Ejiama

This month's spotlight is on Marielle|Ejiama.Q: What inspired your project, Marielle|Ejiama?
Jasmine: Right now Mercy and I are working on this year’s collections, which are inspired by different international locales. Marielle|Ejiama as a brand is inspired by the modern on-the-go woman. It’s for the woman who is living a full life and just needs something cute to throw on that won’t break the bank, but that also is just as environmentally and socially conscious as she is.

Q: Who or what are your biggest influences?

Mercy: Women who have been able to build super strong brand identities that had stood the test of time
J: Women in general. Our mothers! The women that work hard and long–often without recognition.

Q: What would be your favorite Marielle|Ejiama experience, whether it was an event or fan feedback?

J: My favorite experience has been seeing the different kinds of women that wear our clothing. Obviously we have a target audience, but it’s been rewarding to see ladies that may be out of that ‘target’ connect to our clothing and the prints. It’s enabled us to keep that in mind when we go to design the next seasons. Having the opportunity to pivot and consider our customers in a tangible way is one of the best things!

Q: What motivates you to keep going?

M: We want to see our dreams to their end, and there’s no way to do that except to keep going.

J: The five year vision plan keeps me going. Mercy and I have such great plans and ambition for our business, and the fact that we reach the future by working hard in the present keeps me going on the long or mundane days. Also, I really love getting to build something next to a woman that I’ve always admired. I thought Mercy was so cool and smart in high school, so it’s great to be on the ride with her!

Q: What are you energized about now?

M: We’re super excited about our Spring 2016 collection.  It features two bold, intricate prints and some really flattering silhouettes. We’re also making our first pair of pants!

J: I am so stoked for our pants! The Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 collections are so bold and I can’t wait to see them actualized in the months to come.

Q: How would you use Energems to stay on track?

J: I use Energems for those long days where I’ve worked all day and then head to my kickboxing class to get in a work out. It’s a great quick way to get energy, without having to take the time to stop by a coffee shop to get a coffee. Plus-I’m a chocolate addict, so it’s a two-for-one!


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