Energems Spotlight: Courtney Morse

Energems' Spotlight is on Courtney Morse!Q: What inspired your project, The Antisocialista?

A: As a New York City based freelance fashion writer I often find myself being asked to write informative pieces without much of a viewpoint (think “pair X with Y, and top with Z”). I was craving a bit of freedom, so I created The Antisocialista. While brand new and still evolving, in its current form it’s an opinion-based blog that celebrates quality over quantity, timelessness, a realistic understanding of responsible budgeting, and a tiny closet.

Q: Who or what are your biggest influences?

A: I try not to be influenced by public figures as their stories are far too filtered. I am influenced daily by the real-life people I encounter. I once saw a friend using a chainsaw and thought, “If she can do it, I can do it.” Now I chop my own firewood at my horse farm upstate. It turned out that her “chainsaw” was actually a hedge trimmer (shows how much I knew about it back then!), but it doesn’t matter because I was inspired to do something that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. It sounds silly, but using a chainsaw is difficult and dangerous, and after a week of dismembering fallen trees after a storm, I realized there was nothing I couldn’t do if I put my heart into it. One little glimpse of a small woman using a hedge trimmer, and The Antisocialista was born.

Q: What would be your favorite Antisocialista experience, whether it was an event or fan feedback?

A: This is a fledgling project for me. I still have days on which I wonder what the heck I’m doing launching my own platform when I can have a perfectly under-the-radar career writing about skirts and handbags behind the scenes. No one would ever know my name, or publicly call me out for an opinion that they don’t share. However, when I get a note from someone with whom my writing resonates, it feels really good. At this stage, positive feedback is all I can hope for, and I think this is probably universal among writers.

Q: What motivates you to keep going?

A: Simply, other people who keep going. I am completely mesmerized by anyone who transforms a tiny particle of an idea into something tangible. I went to a conference recently and met the founders of several new fashion-based startups.

These women began with nothing, secured funding, managed development, successfully marketed, and built amazing businesses. I’m sure they faced frequent adversity, and yet they persevered and succeeded. So again, if they can do it, I can do it.

Q: What are you energized about now?

A: Pajamas as clothes, obviously, and theantisocialista.com! Right now it’s in its infancy stage, and the sky is the limit. It’s so exciting to finally have a platform to express unfiltered, genuine ideas, and I hope that it’s refreshing for many of us that are tired of the same old fashion propaganda.

As a freelancer, media is often provided for me and I create copy to run with it, so with this new platform I’m beginning to toy with photography, web design, social media marketing, etc. It’s an exciting journey!

Q: How would you use Energems to stay on track?

A: I’m already using them! My life is hectic, to put it lightly. With a freelance career based in NYC, a show horse farm upstate, a consistent travel schedule, and the launch of theantisocialista.com, caffeine is my Chief Operating Officer and time is my nemesis. Reaching into my handbag to pull out a packet of Energems when in need of a boost saves time and, oh yeah, there’s that chocolate factor, too. They’re also a great way to counteract a mid-day lunch meeting food coma. The best part? No coffee breath!


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