Energems Spotlight: Ed Roth

This month's Energems Spotlight is on Ed Roth.Q. What inspired your company, Stencil1?
A: I created my stencil company, Stencil1, out of my love of street art and stencil graffiti, as well as my love of decor.

Q. Who or what are your biggest influences?
A: I am influenced by traveling and seeing architecture and pattern in new cities, in urban landscape and decay, as well as in nature. I take a lot of photos of pattern, texture, plants and animals. I then make designs from them for stencils and textile prints.
Q. What would be your favorite Stencil1 experience, whether it was an event or fan feedback?
A: We have done so many great events, and when I see people painting with our stencils, I am at my happiest. We did an event with Downtown Brooklyn in Grove Alley where people stenciled within a base mural I had created. I think this was my favorite event because it brought community together, and it was all about creativity.

Q. What motivates you to keep going?
A: As an artist, I need to create, so to release new designs is rewarding. What keeps me going, as well, is seeing people make beautiful things with our stencils.

Q. What are you energized about now?
A: I am now creating wallpaper and have a patent filed on a new stenciling system. These new projects really excite me. I can’t wait to release them!

Q. How would you use Energems to stay on track?
A: As a small business owner, I work late hours. Having some extra energy to do more work is a huge plus. Eating Energems for some added energy would be the way to go!