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Energems are Yogi Approved!

Energems Are Yogi Approved

Yogis far and wide agree that Energems are a great addition to any yoga bag. Just ask YogiApproved.com, which covers all things yoga, health and wellness and just gave Energems their stamp of approval.

What makes Energems great for yoga? Energems’ real dark chocolate ingredients and great flavor impressed the editors at YogiApproved.com. They pointed out that Energems are a great alternative to sugar-loaded energy drinks and bad-tasting supplements, and they suggested Energems be used to satisfy a coffee craving.

YogiApproved.com’s editors chose Energems as a product that fits in with a healthy lifestyle. See their video here, and try adding Energems to your practice!

Dial M for Moms reviews Energems.

Dial M for Moms Says Energems Provide a Boost for Busy Days

Blogger Deb Melian first discovered Energems at the #BlogHerFood15 convention. She was so impressed by their clean energy boost, flavor and lack of caffeine crash that she decided to try them at home (and blog about it!). Deb’s blog, Dial M for Moms, covers lifestyle, home and food topics and is geared toward busy mothers who could likely use some extra energy. Energems provided Deb with the perfect boost to keep her going while taking care of her son, walking her dog and maintaining her blog, and now she recommends Energems as an alternative to energy drinks.

Read the rest of this busy mom’s review here.

Blogger TrailblazerGirl reviewed Energems.

TrailblazerGirl Says Energems Are a Tasty Form of Energy

TrailblazerGirl, a blog that features reviews of products for women who love outdoor adventuring, recently reviewed Energems. TrailblazerGirl’s review highlighted Energems’ three delicious flavors: dark chocolate, mint and berry. She also praised Energems’ ingredients, which are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and mentioned the lack of a caffeine crash. TrailblazerGirl deemed Energems “tempting tidbits of energy,” perfect for keeping you going during outdoor activities. Read the rest of TrailblazerGirl’s review here.

Win Energems on Mom-Spot.com.

Win Energems from Mom-Spot.com

Want to score free Energems? Check out Mom-Spot.com’s review and giveaway. Mom-Spot.com is a resource for all things related to being a mom, from food to shopping to education.

On-the-go moms don’t have to worry about slowing down on busy days! That’s one thing Mom-Spot.com loved about Energems; That their compact packaging allows you to easily store your Energems in a purse, diaper bag or desk drawer – perfect for the on-the-go mom! In fact, Mom–Spot.com is loving their energy so much that they wanted to share Energems with you in their giveaway this month!

Mom-Spot.com’s giveaway ends March 11. Don’t miss your chance to win a 3-pack of Energems!

Energems were reviewed on Kinetic Fix blog.

Kinetic Fix Blogger Loves Energems’ Natural Boost

Blogger Jennifer of Kinetic Fix is a self-described “warrior” and former personal trainer who writes about health, fitness and running. She recently reviewed Energems on her blog and cited Energems’ natural ingredients and B and D vitamins as reasons why she was excited to try them. Jennifer liked that she could customize the amount of boost she received by taking one, two, or three Energems at a time. She also enjoyed Energems’ three great flavors and thinks they’ll be perfect to keep in her purse for an on-the-go energy boost. Read the rest of Jennifer’s Energems review here.

Blogger Nic Akins reviewed Energems.

Blogger Nic Akins Has Three Reasons to Love Energems

Nic Akins is a personal trainer and fitness instructor who blogs about fitness, food and running. She recently posted a review of Energems on her blog that highlighted three reasons why she loves Energems. Not only did she enjoy Energems’ great taste and lasting energy, but also that a full serving of Energems’ is only 50 calories. Nic recommended Energems as a tasty way to stay energized throughout the day. Read the rest of her review here.

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Blogger Hello Dollface Covers Energems as a Natural Energy Source

Hello Dollface, a blogger covering all things natural, has included Energems as a recommended product on her Wellness Wednesday column. Cindy Bokma, the woman behind Hello Dollface, started blogging in order to inspire others to read labels and check ingredients, and to make wise and healthy choices. As a woman who values eating healthy and clean products, Hello Dollface highlighted Energems as a delicious, all-natural treat providing vitamin B, vitamin D, Niacin, and Folate in each serving. She shared her daughter’s experience with Energems, which she described as perfect for the mid-afternoon slump that seems to come around every day.  Check out Hello Dollface’s coverage of her Energems experience here.

Will Run for Ice Cream Blog reviewed Energems.

Will Run for Ice Cream Blog Features Energems

Will Run for Ice Cream blogger, Amy Glass, posted a review of Energems on her blog, saying they provide her with a delicious boost of energy, keeping her from dragging throughout the day.  Amy is a stay-at-home mom, avid runner and blogger with a drive to be the best she can be in regards to nutrition, exercise and emotional well being. Amy loves that she can control her energy intake with Energems by taking one or two gems based on the boost she needs. She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not a huge fan of supplements, but loves the vitamin B provided by Energems. It’s because of the delicious boost of energy and nutritional support that Amy keeps Energems in her gym bag for when she needs them most. Read more of Amy’s experience with Energems here.

Energems was reviewed on blog Sprint 2 the Table.

Sprint 2 the Table Names Energems a Tasty Source of Pre-Workout Energy

Blogger Sprint 2 the Table is a writer of all things healthy. From documenting workouts to sharing a multitude of clean eating recipes, fit living is her passion. As a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, she works to help others pursue a healthy lifestyle, filled with eating good foods and staying active. Sprint 2 the Table enjoys Energems as a healthy source of energy, and a tasty pre-workout boost! See what she had to say here.

Blog Living Learning Eating has reviewed Energems.

Living Learning Eating Blogger Says Energems Are Delicious and Effective

Blogger, Danai, of Living Learning Eating recently reviewed Energems, saying that they provided her with a delicious and effective energy boost. Danai blogs about food and stays busy as a writer, actress and model, so she knows the importance of staying energized. Danai pointed out Energems’ delicious flavors and natural ingredients as reasons why she enjoyed Energems. She even preferred eating Energems to drinking a cup of coffee for an afternoon energy boost. Read more of what Danai has to say about Energems here.

Nurse Testimonial

The only thing that keeps me going

“I work 12 hour shifts every day, and Energems is the only thing that keeps me going. I love it! I have been taking them for a year now. No after affects whatsoever. I feel great! My doctor even approved of them. Love, love, love them!”

Liz V.


Quick and Easy to Use

“Seem safer than an energy drink. Quick and easy to use. Felt good throughout yoga class and had enough energy.”

Erin D.


Boost in Energy

“I appreciated the slight boost in energy that I experienced without the jolt of energy that can sometimes make me feel jittery and on edge. I really enjoyed the flavor of the Energems; I felt like I was eating a chocolaty snack.”

Melissa B.